A Slow Morning at a Sicilian Winery in Noto or Etna


A magical visit to the vineyards & wineries of Sicilian winemakers, with wine tastings and a personal guide all across the southeast of Sicily & Etna 

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, whether you know the difference between a natural wine or whether you just know you like the taste and that’s it, then our slow mornings in the vineyards and wineries is the experience for you no matter your preference.

We collaborate with a number of lesser known small wineries to the larger more well known ones where we select for you the wineries we believe you will just absolutely love!

Driving through the desert-like land of Vittoria in Southeast Sicily to the Buonivini contrada of Noto and to the dark deep lava vineyards of Etna you will be greeted by a love and appreciation of wine and respect for the Sicilian land.

Welcomed by your host at the winery you will visit the land where the vines grow and enjoy a tour of the winery and its cantina where the wines patiently ferment. From Amphora, once used by the Romans – Greeks as a clay vessel to store and move liquids an ancient tradition to create a unique biodynamic Sicilian wine, known across the world to the newer fresher take of steel tanks, there are a variety of techniques, flavours and stories to tell through the journey of Sicilian wine.

What's Included

  • A personal wine visit and tour of the winery and cantina by an expert member
  • A tasting of 3 - 5 wines with full explanation by a member of the team
  • Exclusive access to the personal wine shop located in the cantina.
  • About your host

    Our Founder: Emilia is proud to showcase the food & wine artisans of Sicily who strive to continue Sicilian traditions and pass them down to the next generation just as her Sicilian grandparents did for her growing up in the UK. Although Emilia’s experience takes her from cooking for the royal family in London, to a 3 Michelin star patisserie in Paris and a luxury 5 star hotel in Milan with a lot of fresh pasta making, Emilia has chosen to return back to her roots in Sicilian cuisine.

    Emilia cooks dishes she learnt growing up from her Nonni “Come una volta” (how they used to it) using only locally sourced ingredients from Sicily, including Sicilian natural wine. Emilia cooks traditional Sicilian recipes but always using her professional training, discipline & knowledge about Sicily behind her dishes too .
  • What happens on the day

    • You will be greeted by your hosts at the winery
    • Your well informed host will guide you through the vineyard, winery and cantina
    • Enjoy a wine tasting with 3 -5 wines
  • Location

    • Noto & Etna, Sicily
  • How it works

    To request your experience with personalised quote please contact us via the request form here link with the following information:
    1. Number of People
    2. Prefered date of visit
    3. Any dietary requirements
    4. Prefered language spoken
    5. Any other requirements we need to consider for you e.g. transportation