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An Immersive Week in Sicily

Off the beaten tracks.

Where sea meets sky and sand meets land, Sicily is a magical place where they say you cry twice on your visit here, once when you arrive and once when you leave.

Experience Sicily the way we do, our day experiences and bespoke Sicilian 7 night stays our designed in the way that we love to experience our version of Sicily, through its heritage and culture of food and wine, the people and the land.

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An immersion of pure tranquillity in Rural Villa's for 7 nights.  Immerse yourself in our bespoke 7 night Sicilian stays and experiences. Enjoy the Sicilian countryside with your own private swimming pool at your rural luxury villa for one week. With the beach and the UNESCO town of Scicli...

  • Scicli (RG) & Modica (RG)
  • All year round

An immersion of pure tranquillity in a secluded 19th century farmhouse. Immerse yourself in the calmness of the Sicilian countryside with nothing around you but nature and calm. A moment to step away from the fast paced world and have a moment to pause, reflect and restore. Enjoy a mind...

  • Scicli (RG) & Modica (RG)
  • All year round

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