Five ways to eat panettone

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A discovery of panettone

Being trained as a pastry chef I (Emilia) was fortunate enough to work with some of the top patisseries in London, Paris and Italy. One experience I’ll never forget was being asked to spend a few days in Bergamo, just a short drive from Milan to be trained by one of the most renowned artisanal panettone factories on how to make the best panettone possible! And then for me to go on and train other Pastry chefs in the UK, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Christmas in an Italian household isn’t Christmas without panettone. It’s the perfect end to the Christmas and New year celebratory meal and the ideal gift offering when visiting friends and family. Already beautifully wrapped like a treasured parcel ready to be enjoyed with loved ones, paired with a glass of sweet wine, prosecco or coffee.  We are so proud to have our panettone launch this year in the UK for you all to enjoy.

When to serve your panettone

Traditionally, panettone is served after the enormous Christmas day feast, however, very few have any room left for dessert, so we also eat our panettone in the mornings with a milky, frothy cappuccino. We also love it as our “Merenda” , a sweet snack in the afternoon with an espresso. Some families prefer to serve their panettone on Santo Stefano, the national Italian holiday on December 26th or even wait until New Year’s Eve/ Day though!

5 Top tips how to serve your panettone:

  1. Follow Lisa Markwell’s favourite way via The Telegraph, by cutting your panettone in half like a cake and enjoying it with our crema di pistacchio whipped through velvety cream.
  2. Served with spoonfuls of crema di pistacchio (pistachio), crema di nocciola (hazelnut) or crema di mandorle (almond), whichever is your favourite! Discover all three here.
  3. Serve with a sweet wine such as our favorite Marsala wine or Passito wine (coming soon) or as nonno used to like it with a shot of whisky.
  4. Morning Breakfast with your espresso and properly dipped in! Discover our Sicilian Coffee Collection here.
  5. Great after dinner sweet with a marsala martini or Strazzatini.

Top 5 people to buy your panettone for:

  1. Your mother in law
  2. Your father in law, in fact all the in laws!
  3. The foodie friend who’s got everything, especially great with the crema di pistachio on the side!
  4. Yourself! Emergency panettone for every awkward moment when you don’t have a gift to take over to a friend’s house for dinner. Best to keep a personal stash in your house just for this!
  5. Your Boss (Please, do not forget your Boss!)

Discover our Panettone Collection here.

The history of the panettone