Cooking with Ricotta Cheese during Easter time

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Journeying through the countryside of Sicily you will find an abundance of Sicilian sheep.

The word Ricotta can be translated into English as “recooked or twice cooked” cheese. It is known to originate from Italy dating back to the Bronze age where it was “recooked” over an open fire in copper cauldrons and used for various dishes.

Sicily, is well renowned for its fresh sheep ricotta cheese and used predominantly in sweet dishes, such as Cannoli, Cassata Siciliana and Gateau di Ricotta. Although now found all year round, Sicilian ricotta is seasonal, with the best version of ricotta being made during the period from November until May. During this season the ewes are feeding on new grass, giving the finished ricotta a distinctive flavour and taste, particularly during Spring, this is also the season where the most milk is produced. However, due to demand, during the warmer months ricotta is also being produced, which usually can be a mixture of sheeps and cow’s milk.

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