This current situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented, and our customers, our teams and our community are what matters most to us. As preventative measures around social distancing are now in place, we have postponed our March & April events with new dates to be announced at the earliest opportunity, whilst our professional kitchen will continue to service our bakery orders until Friday 20th March and will re-open in two weeks time. We are working on ideas to bring our Sicilian experiences to your doorstep, an initiative which will also help support our local partners and suppliers during these challenging times whilst also giving you a momentary respite.

We would like to also give you comfort that we have strict health and safety measures in place, and proud to be recognised as a 5 star food hygiene rated food business where our daily baking and cooking is carried out within our professional commercial kitchen. Our team are trained to this standard where regular hand washing is in place, regular sanitizing and hygienic gloves are worn amongst many other initiatives. Rest assured we will be continuously monitoring the situation and provide updates should anything change.

Staying connected is such an important part of life so we will keep in touch with you, even if to be inspired.

Look out for one another and stay safe.

Andrà tutto bene. Everything will be alright.

Sofia, Nina & Emilia