Easter Lamb, Pasta & Potatoes

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Our traditional two course Easter lunch cooked in one convenient casserole dish.

Every Sicilian family has their own Easter lunch tradition, even if the same dish is eaten across Sicily there will always be a difference in the recipe, as each is unique to that family and their surrounding area.

It is typical that for grand celebratory meals in Italy there are several dishes eaten throughout the meal, these include; antipasti, pasta for the primo piatto, meat or fish for the secondo piatto, something sweet for the dolci and typical for Easter, Colomba cake.

In the Strazzanti household, we celebrate, as a family, new beginnings while cooking and eating the same dish every year ~ our Nonno Forte’s pasta with slow roasted lamb and potatoes “agnello al forno Siciliano” for seconds.

We slow-cook a whole leg of lamb with potatoes, tomatoes and fresh rosemary from the garden until the meat of the lamb just starts to fall off the bone. We serve the lamb cooking juices with spaghetti for our primo piatto.

For the second plate, secondi, the lamb itself is served with the cooked fondant-like potatoes that have absorbed all the lamb deliciousness, and salad dressed in a tart lemon and extra-virgin olive oil dressing. We mop up all the best bits with Italian-style bread, this is called ‘fare la scarpetta’.

This is home on a plate, in a memory and in every bite!

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