FAQs – Il Piccolo Pacchetto

FAQs – Il Piccolo Pacchetto

What will I receive in my parcel?
We will include all the ingredients for your chosen recipes (except a few basics like oil and salt), including chilled produce, fresh vegetables and herbs, special condiments and more. They will be pre-portioned for you, carefully calculated to avoid food wastage whilst ensuring you are well fed Sicilian style.

What if i’m a vegetarian, can I substitute fish for something else?
We love vegetarian food, in fact ingredients from the land are a staple in a Sicilian diet, so we have designed our weekly menus so they can easily be adapted for a vegetarian diet. We will offer alternative suggestions on each week’s recipe card, and we will also substitute an ingredient for you. Just remember to opt for the vegetarian box option in step 1.

Are there other main course options other than pasta?
Growing up pasta was and still is an everyday staple in the Strazzanti household so we have recipes galore passed on to us from our Sicilian and Neopoltian Grandparents & relatives. Using the most well known pasta shapes as well as some typical Sicilian ones too, we have decided to focus on pasta recipes that will keep you inspired, and that you can recreate and adapt easily again from your pantry cupboard essentials during these restrictive times we find ourselves in.

Do you offer any meat dishes?
Right now we are focused on vegetarian/fish menus but what we will do is offer alternative suggestions for meat lovers if it works with the dish. Look out for our suggestions on each week’s recipe card so you can make sure you have bought your meat from your favourite Butcher or supermarket in time for our parcel arriving on Friday.

I have an allergen but I really want your parcel, what do I do?
Our allergens are clearly listed on each menu page next to each dish on our website and on the ingredient labels found on the final product and parcel. Although strict measures are in place to avoid cross-contamination, we do operate in an environment where traces of all 14 allergens may be present please see here for all 14 allergens. If you have a dietary allergy this is your own personal responsibility to decide whether or not to purchase an item from Strazzanti. We cannot be held accountable and take responsibility for any issues that may arise through an allergen or allergic reaction as we have clearly stated where all allergens and traces of are present.

How do I order?
Simply choose your weekly parcel and we’ll deliver fresh, quality, pre-portioned ingredients and a step-by-step recipe direct to your door ready for you to cook. Don’t forget to order by Noon on the Wednesday prior to that week’s parcel delivery date as we need Thursday to prepare your parcel.

Why does the menu change each week?
We have designed our Sicilian menu to change each week to add diversity to your suppers, and to have something new to look forward to. If you have a favourite you would like to see again please do contact us to let us know and we will see what we can do info@strazzanti.co

I want to order a parcel previously featured but it’s not available anymore.
We have designed our Sicilian menu to change each week to add diversity to your suppers, and to have something new to look forward to. If you have a favourite you would like to see again please do contact us to let us know and we will see what we can do info@strazzanti.co

Do I need any special equipment?
You’ll need pots and pans for most recipes, plus kitchen basics like a chopping board, sharp knife & cheese grater. We’ll let you know if you need any special equipment.

What do I do if I receive a damaged ingredient?
The quality of our ingredients have been carefully selected for their superiority. If you do receive a damaged ingredient please email a photo upon receiving so we can ensure it doesn’t happen again. Email a photo to orders@strazzanti.co

When will I receive my delivery?
Delivery will be made between 9am-4pm. If you have forgotten to share any special instructions please email orders@strazzanti.co by Noon of the day before your expected parcel is due to be delivered.

When will I receive my recipe card?
We will email you a digital recipe card & a video link showing step-by-step method by our Chef and co-founding sister Emilia on Thursday, the day before your expected delivery date. This will be automatically sent to the email you used to subscribe and order with.

Is the packaging recyclable?
We take our social responsibility seriously and our aim is that most of the packaging we use to deliver your pre-portioned ingredients and cakes are recyclable or biodegradable. There will be some pre-packaged food, eg pasta, which we cannot guarantee will be recyclable. We are dedicated to finding sustainable packaging solutions, and strive to improve this everyday.

How does the Covid-19 situation affect Strazzanti?
This current situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented, and our customers, our teams and our community are what matters most to us. As preventative measures around social distancing are now in place, and restaurants forced to close, we have postponed our March & April events with new dates to be announced at the earliest opportunity. Our professional kitchen remains open to service our bakery orders and we have now launched our new concept’ Il Piccolo Pacchetto’ bring our Sicilian experience to your doorstep, an initiative which will also help support our local partners and suppliers during these challenging times whilst also giving you a momentary respite. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us and our community near and far by ordering online.

We would like to also give you comfort that we have strict health and safety measures in place, and are proud to be recognised as a 5 star food hygiene rated food business where our daily baking and cooking is carried out within our professional commercial kitchen. Our team is trained to this standard where regular hand washing is in place, regular sanitizing and hygienic gloves are worn amongst many other initiatives.
Still need help? Contact us on info@strazzanti.co