What to take on a picnic: the Sicilian way

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What food to take on a picnic
When it comes to preparing for a picnic, you tend to ask yourself the same question, what should I bring and contribute? There are always those little things you need to consider which can sometimes make the process slightly more complicated. Such as, does the food need to be refrigerated, is it easy finger food, can it be easily shared with others, do you need extra plates and bowls just to serve it, is it tasty?

We get it, so we have created the ideal picnic and aperitivo hamper which we personally love to take with us on a picnic for ease, convenience and the guarantee of great taste. Here are some ideas and recipes to go with your hamper that will get you inspired, the Sicilian way.

Picnic Snack Ideas:
Pane Cunzatu here.
Pecorino Cheese served with Sicilian honey and oregano, simple yet delicious stuzzichini
Caponata Siciliana served with Pane Carasau Spicchio.
Pesto Trapanese mixed through with cherry tomatoes scooped up with bread or Pane Carasau Spicchio.