3 ways to use your leftover panettone

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Working closely with our fellow Sicilian artisans, who are equally as passionate as we sisters are about only using the most genuine and carefully selected ingredients from the Sicilian territory, our panettone has been carefully handcrafted from recipes that derive from the most ancient Italian and Sicilian confectionary traditions.

Through this hard work we have created the perfect panettone that works well on its own but is even better when one of our sweet Sicilian nut spreads is generously spread over each slice.

However, we don’t know about you but after Christmas and even into the new year, we find leftover panettone hiding in the pantry cupboard, the garage, the living room… just about anywhere! If you have had enough of the fluffy aerated enriched dough for a year but still have a lot left to get through then discover our 3 leftover panettone recipes to enjoy and impress!

1) Pear & Chocolate Panettone Tiramisu – We’ve switched out the lady fingers in this traditional Italian coffee dessert and introduced the unique flavors of our pear & chocolate panettone to create a truly delicious and indulgent dessert.

2) Pistachio Panettone Bread & Butter Pudding – A British classic with our Sicilian twist. Growing up in the UK how could you not be introduced to the classic B&B pudding? Creamy, decadent and stodgy all at the same time!

3) Almond, Honey, Ricotta Eggy Bread Panettone – A great alternative for a weekend breakfast or brunch is to use up any leftover panettone and make an eggy bread coated and drizzled in rich honey and fresh creamy salty ricotta cheese.


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