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Recipes, perfect for an Aperitivo
For us the joy of Aperitivo is bringing friends and family together through great food, drink and conversation! The cultural aspect brings us back to memories of moments in Sicily with its warmth and nostalgia, where just before dinner we would all sit together and tell each other about our day over stuzzichini and wine.
Seeming we can’t come to each of you and personally cook, we can however share with you our family recipes which have been jarred and preserved in their purest form using ingredients from the Sicilian land for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to create simple, yet delicious stuzzichini for that Aperitivo hour:

Caponata Siciliana
Simply take our Caponata Siciliana, which is our family recipe (every family has their own version!) and spoon generously onto golden olive oil toasted bruschetta. We suggest opening the Caponata a good 30 minutes before you want to serve and place in a dish so the flavours can breathe and come nicely together. Suitable for vegans.
To elevate your Caponata with an extra crunch, why not sprinkle on top toasted pine nuts or chopped almonds.

U Capuliatu
Marinated artichoke hearts with capuliatu aka Carciofi Conditi
Take a bowl and mix 1 heaped tbsp of our Capuliatu with 1/2 tsp of dried oregano and 5/10g of finely grated pecorino cheese (omit the cheese if you want to keep this vegan). Then take 150g of pre cooked artichoke hearts marinated under olive oil, drain them from the oil and place in the bowl with the capuliatu mixture and gently fold the artichoke through the dressing. Serve in a serving bowl and simply pick up and eat!

Pesto Trapanese
Take around 200g of cherry tomatoes, wash, dry and slice them in half, place in a bowl and season with seasalt. Then add in 3 tbsp of our -Pesto Trapanese and gently coat the cherry tomatoes and simply place on some warm toasted bruschetta and serve.

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