How to “Aperitivo” like an Italian

A Sicilian Lifestyle Blog

Grow up in any Italian household and you will find yourselves thinking and speaking often about one thing and that’s food & drink! Even whilst eating your meal you’ll find that you are passionately discussing what to have for your next! It’s a love affair that never gets old.

Us Strazzanti’s love to cook, eat, think and speak about food always! Our youngest sister Emilia even made it her professional career she was that passionate about it and here we are now sharing with you all our love for the food of our heritage.

One way that we love to eat is super simple and tasty with Stuzzichini (small bites) that we can pick at alongside a crisp refreshing Aperitivo! and super excitingly we have teamed up with Aperitivo geniuses Italicus Rosolilo di Bergamotto the award winning Aperitivo made with Italian Bergamot from Calabria and selected native Italian Botanicals – The Sip of Italy for the perfect Aperitivo & Stuzzichini Hamper with cocktail & Stuzzichini parings, glasswear, ingredients, a masterclass with Emilia & Global Italicus Mixologist Luca Missaglia – who happens to be from the same town as us in Naples and so much more!

Have you been to Calabria and tried the Bergamot?

Bergamot from Calabria is superior in all its glory and we love Calabria – part of the Mezzogiorno of Italy and rich in food culture and history. Also, because as you know our family has many a love story from our Grandparents encounter in Naples to our Sicilian Uncle Salvatore who met the love of his life on that short boat trip crossing the ‘Stretto di Messina’ the most northern eastern tip of Sicily ‘Punta del Faro’ that reaches Calabria’s entry point.

It was on that boat trip that Uncle discovered Aunty Fortunata (*Fortunata – Meaning the one who has good luck in Italian) and 50 years later they are together just as strong as the day they met. Uncle left Sicily at the same time as Grandad Strazzanti together in fact and lived together for some time until they were able to buy their own homes and bring over Grandma Strazzanti and Aunty Fortunata.

Italicus not only embodies the true essence of Italy in a sip through its carefully sourced ingredients but also captures the beauty in every story told from its history – Grazie for bringing back our memories, e Salute!