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All you need for a BBQ The Sicilian Way

In Sicily we love to have a BBQ or as we say a Grigliata , especially for Pasquetta (Easter Monday) and also for the Festa della liberazione and Festa della Repubblica on the beach!

The great thing about a Sicilian BBQ is keeping it simple.

The ingredients speak for themselves as well as the flame of the BBQ itself. So the best way to BBQ like a Sicilian is to purchase the very best produce you can get yours hands on with great quality meat, vegetables and wine and then simple use a few of our top tips to really make this an unforgettable BBQ but without too much fuss!

Top Tips for your BBQ Menu 

The Bread – Il Pane

An essential to any meal in a Sicilian household is bread, so make sure your’s is top notch!

We make ours fresh in the morning and just before sitting down for lunch we bake it freshly in the oven so it is still lovely and warm.

We use a typical Sicilian bread recipe which is very simple and straightforward to make. It uses Sicilian twice milled semolina flour which gives the bread a yellow tint and a tight looking dough which is just perfect for soaking up all those BBQ juices.

Discover here our Pane Siciliano Recipe with all the ingredients required 

And our Pane Cunzato (seasoned dressed bread in Sicilian dialect) this is a great recipe for using up any slightly stale bread with a BBQ twist

Sicilian Dressings & Olive Oils

The great thing about Sicilian extra virgin olive oils is not only their health benefits which you can read about in more details here but also their creative versatility,  enhancing and adding extra flavour to any dish.

Using traditional techniques by adding locally grown ingredients and herbs to our 5 Sicilian infused cold pressed olive oils we can dress our vegetables subtly, create stunning fresh dressings for salads and marinate our fish and meat wonderfully.

For more inspiration on dressing your dishes using our Sicilian infused olive oils you can discover our go to recipes here.

Side Dishes & Contorni 

By keeping things simple we always have a select few side dishes that we go to, those that will marry well with meat, fish & other vegetable dishes on the BBQ.

Something green like our artichoke, broad bean & mint salad which is so fresh and light perfect for the spring/summer months – Frittedda Siciliana. Our family recipe of Caponata Siciliana which works perfectly with grilled tuna or swordfish steaks. And last but not least our simple yet so tasty steamed then gently sauteed spinach with lemon oil and garlic.

Discover more recipes & our go to top Sicilian BBQ purchases here

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