The History Behind Libera Terra, “The Freed Land”

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The Sicilian Mafia & The Land 
Despite the famous notion that all Sicilians are part of the mafia and at home we all have at least one relative that speaks just like “il Padrino” himself aka Marlon Brando “The Godfather”, this is not the reality.The reality is that the mafia was created years ago by a corrupt set of individuals who formed groups in Sicily, unveiling a secret code of silence where all criminal activity that was taking place was to stay between them and that any evidence they had was to be refused to the police, this is ‘Omerta’.

How Sicily Began To Free Its Land From The Mafia 
Although the Mafia was strong, in the sense of its overriding power over Sicily’s everyday life and the people, there were those and other groups who formed alliances to take back their land and power. In 1982, Italy adopted new laws allowing authorities to seize property and assets from the mafia.

A group of Sicilian farmers who became dedicated to battling Italy’s mafia, asked the authorities permission that this land be used for sustainable farming. In 1995 they were granted permission and branded themselves Libera Terra which translates to the “freed land”.

Who is Libera Terra 
Libera Terra is now the agricultural soul of social cooperatives which under the sign of the Libera association, manage land and structures confiscated from the mafia in Sicily and other corrupt organisations in Calabria, Puglia and Campania.

They play an active role alongside other producers who share the same principles as they do, to promote organic cultivation of the land. Libera Terra are now regarded as champions of organic and sustainable farming of olive oil, red wine, lemons, durum wheat, pasta and honey, all from which the produce is grown and produced on the land  which has been confiscated from the mafia.

The Mission Of Freeing The Land
Libera Terra was born with the aim of enhancing beautiful but difficult territories through the recovery of the goods freed from the mafia, to give dignity back to territories characterised by a strong mafia presence. All this through the creation of autonomous, self-sufficient, long-lasting cooperative companies, able to provide work, create positive inducements and propose a virtuous economic system based on legality, social justice and the market.

Our Organic Sicilian Pasta
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