Pasta alla Trapanese

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  • 1 x Strazzanti Pesto alla Trapanese
  • 1 x 250g Busiate Pasta
  • 100g Cherry tomatoes halved
  • =Pecorino Cheese=
  • Crushed Almonds

Pasta alla Trapanese is a typical dish from Trapani, a city on the west coast of Sicily protruding into the Mediterranean Sea. Its fishing port, Salt Pans and its close proximity to Tunisia play a large role in the city’s culinary discoveries. Our pesto is rich in Sicilian almonds, using 5 varieties of heirloom almonds from Val di Noto, which are paired together with basil, garlic, capuliatu tomatoes & pecorino cheese roughly blitzed to the perfect texture. This is such a quick recipe to make and one of our favourites!


To start, take a saucepan to cook the pasta and fill with water and bring to the boil. Once boiling add a good pinch of salt and start to cook the pasta according to the cooking guidelines.

Whilst the pasta cooks, in a separate non-stick saucepan pour in half the jar of Pesto Trapanese and turn on the heat, starting to fry the pesto to release the flavours. After 30 seconds add in the cherry tomatoes and fry for another 30 seconds and then add in 4 tbsp’s of the pasta water and mix well to create an emulsion.

Drain the pasta and add into the pesto Trapanese sauce making sure to combine the pasta and sauce well together. If the sauce is looking a little dry add in a couple extra tbsp’s of the pasta water.

Serve up the pasta with an extra grating of Pecorino cheese and crushed Almonds.


You can also add in some fresh cherry tomatoes for extra texture.

In our opinion Pesto Trapanese is not just for pasta, we love to use it in our signature dish of Pesto Trapanese tomatoes served with Buratta cheese.

Buon Appetito!