Top tips & fresh ways to cook with Lemon

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Sicilian lemons can liven up your dish from cakes to pasta to a zingy dressing. Here are our top tips when cooking with lemon.

When using the zest of a Lemon, make sure to buy Organic and wash them well and dry them well, otherwise you will get this chemical, tannin taste running through your dish!

When seasoning a salad with a lemon dressing, always make the dressing in a large bowl and create an amalgamation with the oil being used, then add the salad leaves into the dressing, never the dressing into the salad leaves

When baking savoury dishes with lemon pieces, whether a roast chicken with rosemary or a whole baked fish, let the lemon release its juices naturally whilst cooking, never squeeze the juice out before or after cooking as it will make your final dish/sauce very tart and sour.

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