A Romance in Sicily

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Sicilians are passionate and romantic in everything that they pursue, from their craft, their words and to their actions towards their family, friends and their terroir. Love, passion and dedication is at the heart of Sicily and with this energy combined with the natural tendency to display care and attention to those around them, a romance in Sicily for this Valentine’s day is the way to show your care to those you love in the most romantic way, The Sicilian Way.

Our Valentines Collection
In Sicily you don’t ask for permission to take care of someone, you just do it. And one way Sicilians know how to express their love and care is through food. So to help you do the same, we’ve created Valentine’s Cooking Kits filled with all the ingredients for that romance in Sicily moment.

  • The Classic Sicilian Recipe Parcel:
    For those who enjoy simple flavours, our Nonna Strazzanti’s classic tomato sauce ‘Sugo di Pomodoro’ is packed full of Sicilian flavoursome tomatoes, with a hint of basil and garlic. Serve with our organic, anti mafia pasta and finish with a drizzle of Sicilian infused chilli oil if you like a bit of a kick! Warmly paired with our Centopassi Giato Rosso wine.
  • Impress like a Sicilian Recipe Parcel:
    Impress with our family recipe of Caponata Siciliana to start your meal. Then, serve our Sugo alla Norma, our sauce filled full of fresh ripened Sicilian tomatoes, aubergines and ricotta salata cheese and served perfectly with our organic casarecce pasta. Lift the flavours of the dish with a drizzle of our Sicilian lemon infused extra virgin olive oil and finish your meal with our signature Sicilian almond and sesame seed sweet nut brittle. All perfectly paired with our Nero di Lupo red wine, from our friends at COS winery.
  • The Food Connoisseur Hamper:
    A real treat for the food connoisseur, discover inside our 5 signature Sicilian infused extra virgin olive oils to enhance your bread dipping to our family recipe of Caponata Siciliana the traditional sweet and sour vegetable condiment filled with plump aubergines, peppers, olives and much more. Two traditional Sicilian wines, a Syrah Lumà, Cellaro and Grillo Lumà, Cellaro and to finish with something sweet, our Cubaita Siciliana. Transport yourself to Sicily with every dish you create and our recipe inspiration.

The Birth of Valentine’s Day
St Valentine or San Valentino was known as the Roman saint who people called upon to have him watch over the lives of their lovers. He is also known as the patron saint of engaged couples and happy marriages. He was martyred on February 14 in AD 269 and then in AD 496, Pope Gelasius established ‘The Feast of St Valentine’, to be celebrated on February 14 in honour of the Christian Martyr, known today as Valentine’s Day.

A Romantic Pilgrimage 
In Sicily, you can see romance everywhere, from the food to the architecture to the first loves enjoying a sunset passeggiata (stroll) along the beach, to the 80 year old couple holding hands sitting together on the bench in the local piazza watching the world go by.

There are so many special things we love about Sicily, feeling love around you wherever you go. There is something to be said about the warmth of Sicilian hospitality showing love and affection to those around you whether with a simple “ciao!” and a warm smile from one of the locals or a lovingly cooked meal with laughter and care. Show your romance this Valentine’s day The Sicilian Way because “When there’s love, mountains seem like plains” Sicilian Proverb.