Pasta alla Norma Recipe

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  • 1 x StrazzantiSugo alla Norma with Ricotta Salata
  • 250g PastaCasarecce
  • Extra Ricotta Salata (Optional)
  • Strazzanti Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wine Pairings

  • Giato Rosso, Centopassi
  • COS, Nero di Lupo

Aubergines are such a key ingredient to Sicilian cuisine and we love to cook and eat with them. Every region and every family have their own version of this recipe, but it is known to derive from the 2nd capital city of Sicily, Catania on the east coast of Sicily. Pasta alla Norma for us is one dish that represents the essence of Sicily in a plate.


To start, take a saucepan to cook the pasta and fill with water and bring to the boil. Once boiling add a good pinch of salt and start to cook the pasta according to the cooking guidelines.

In a separate saucepan pour in the jar of Sugo alla Norma and turn the heat on low and gently cook on a low simmer for a few minutes. Drizzle in 2 tbsp’s of the Strazzanti extra virgin olive oil and mix well into the sauce.

Drain the pasta and add it into the sauce mixing well and cook together over a low heat for 30 seconds.

Turn off the heat and serve with an extra drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and if you have it some extra Ricotta Salata cheese grated on top!


If your sauce is looking a little dry add in a few tbsp’s of the pasta water.

We love aubergine so if you do too then you can take a frying pan and fry off some extra cubed aubergine until crisply fried and season with salt and sprinkle on top of the pasta like golden jewels.

Buon Appetito!